Quantcast html, css, php, javascript and more cheat sheets

html, css, php, javascript and more cheat sheets

by Neon Quach 3. Tháng Tư 2010 18:31

HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript And More Cheat Sheets

HTML, CSS, PHP, javascript And More Cheat Sheets | 2.31 MB

Cheat sheets are really helpful in revising the codes as there are so many codes which we cannot remember always but cheat sheets are of great help in keeping yourself updated with the codes.

Cheat sheets are also helpful for beginner developers and designers in learning and remembering codes better. A truly great resource for upcoming developers.

The purpose of this post is to provide all the cheat sheets useful for designers and developers at one place. A mega collection of cheat sheets which contains HTML, CSS, JAVA, PHP, Database SQL, Wordpress, Aspx, SEO and many more other useful cheat sheets which you will find in this post. Most of the cheat sheets are available in printable format for a handy use of these resources.


* HTML Cheat sheet
* HTML Character Entities Cheat Sheet
* HTML Cheats with demo
* HTML: Special Characters
* HTML character sets – Microsoft Developers
* HTML Accent Entity Codes
* Special ASCII HTML Character Codes
* XHTML Specifications
* XHTML Character Entity Refrence
* HTML 5 Cheat Sheet
* Fusebox XML cheat sheet (Pdf)
* XML quick refrence (Pdf)

CSS Cheatsheet
* CSS Cheat Sheet (V2)
* CSS quick reference guide (Pdf)
* CSS help sheet (Pdf)
* CSS shorthand cheat sheet by example (Pdf)
* CSS 3 Cheat sheet

PHP Cheatsheet

* PHP Cheat Sheet (V1)
* PHP Cheat Sheet (V2)
* PHP PCRE Cheat sheet (Pdf)

Database/SQL Cheatsheet

* MySQL cheat sheet
* SQL injection cheat sheet
* Oracle PL/SQL Cheat sheet
* MySQL cheats (Pdf)
* PostgreSQL cheat sheet
* Oracle Programming/SQL Cheatsheet
* Oracle server architecture (Pdf)

Wordpress Cheatsheet

* Wordpress cheat sheet (Pdf)
* Site Architecture official wordpress theme cheat sheet
* Wordpress Plugin API cheat sheet (Pdf)
* Wordpress visual cheat sheet (Pdf)


* Mod_rewrite Cheat Sheet
* .htaccess cheat sheet
* Unix Cheat sheet

HTML-CSS-PHP-Javascript-And-More-Cheat-Sheets.rar (2.31 mb)

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